Tips For Plumbers

Plumbing problems are constant in homes and the techniques for solving these problems can be learned. Having these necessary skills is important to help you fix things yourself, save money and time. Always understand what you can do and what you cannot do. Call a professional plumber before trying to fix a problem to avoid causing serious damages. Here are some tips and tricks to help solve plumbing problems.

Locate the Main Valves and know the system

The most important tip is to know the location of the shut-off valve that controls the whole system. Also, locate the drains of the sewer line. In some homes, this main valve can be located outside or in the basement. It is important to ensure you know these access points. Know the location of underlying pipes in the house to avoid puncturing them when doing other handy jobs at home.

Know how things work and have simple plumber tools

After you have familiarized with your house’s plumbing system, know how things work. For instance, turning off the main valve is done by turning it clockwise. Have simple tools in your house. There are different types of valves and it is important to know each and how they work. Common plumber tools include; Hack-saw, plumbers tape, adhesives, screwdrivers, tape measure, pliers, flashlight, safety gloves, cutters, etc. Knowing how things work and having these tools can help during emergencies.

Don’t Over-Tighten and Check for leakages after closing up

Most people always make the mistake of over-tightening the connections and fittings. This leads to broken pipes, screws, and bolts. Over time the problem will recur. After completing any plumbing work always check for leaks. Run water through the system, open all valves and check for any leaks. The close all drains and valves and again check for leaks. This is vital as water may not leak while running and leak when not running in the pipes. Reseal any connections that have leaks.

Invest in a Plunger

This is a very important tool that will help you deal with many plumbing problems. Get a high-quality plunger for clearing clogs. The plunger helps in unclogging sinks, toilets, and drains. Hard clogged objects that the plunger cannot remove should be removed using the vacuum.

No draining OIL and GREASE

Dealing with a clogged drainage system is nasty. Oil (any type in this case) and grease are not good for your pipes. Use different methods to discard oil and grease as they can easily clog pipes after they solidify.

Flash only flushable things

Know the things that are flushable. Do not use your toilet as a bin to flush everything away. Anything that can back up the toilet system should not go in. Clearing toilet clogging is a dirty business. If your toilet is clogged, try flushing hard with a bucket full of water instead of the flushing system. This can help unclog and clear the system.

Don’t Drain Garbage

Garbage that cannot be broken down easily is not well handled by most drainage systems. Fruit peels, vegetable peelings, foods like rice should not be dumped in the kitchen drain. Certainly, they can clog the whole drainage system.

Have the sink running when draining

If you are draining small scraps in your sink, never wait until the sink is full so that you start it off. Always have it running. Before this, make sure you know from the manufactures manual what your sink can handle.

Don’t ignore small issues

Small issues that a person is likely to ignore are the ones that cause bigger damages. Deal with a dripping faucet immediately you spot it. This saves time and potentially money if you avoid a bigger problem.

Upgrade and replace

If constant plumping problems keep arising the best way to deal with them is to upgrade or replace. Old pipes are likely to clog and break therefore upgrade them. Replace taps that are faulty and cannot turn on and off completely. If the problems are big and constant, get to a local plumber and get help in a complete overhaul of the whole plumbing system.
Handling plumbing problems at home should be a cautious process. Calling a professional plumber should always be the way to go if you are not sure of how to handle the problem. You should never risk serious damage in the long run so that you save cost and time. The tips and tricks are to help avert many issues and also solve the smaller issues that you can handle.