Our Mission

Microbiology Guide is a content platform that inspires, teaches and helps anyone with a creative spirit to improve their environment. We want everyone to be able to personalize their house with creative ideas that do not need to spend a lot of money to have a home in which to live happily.

We started in 2015 with the platform of tutorials, which have already had more than 3 million views through all our channels. But we wanted to continue helping our users and do more things.

Learning from our users, we have learned that each house is different and that each family has different needs and tastes. For this reason, we want to continue listening to you and learn from you to create the contents that interest you, to have an open channel where you can ask us any questions about DIY, decoration, and DIY, and in the future, create more services and tools that will help you to take out the best version of your home.