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The Best Diy Tips For Your Home

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We can be more or less creative, but it is always advisable to take the first steps with simple tasks The world of bricolage is one of the most interesting worlds since we can get different tasks done in our home, and solve various problems in a very creative way thanks to the work of our hands. To understand what we need to do DIY in our house we just need to take a look at the offers of the online store of DIY products that we want and with it we can get tools and materials at fantastic prices, a few clicks away, then we will receive everything in our house in a comfortable and fast way and we will just have to get down to work.

Fantastic Ideas

To get the best ideas for different tasks of DIY, it is best to read a DIY blog, there are many and very good that can provide us with fantastic ideas to carry out different tasks within our home.

First Steps

We can be more or less creative, but it is always advisable when we are starting, to take our first steps with simple tasks, for which we do not need many tools and in this way, we will not have to complicate a lot, and we will be comfortable doing different tasks of DIY.

The Best Tips

Let’s take a look at the best tips so that the DIY tasks in our home provide us with fun and we can share them while having a nice time.

Get The Right Tools

The first thing we have to take into account is that without tools we will not be able to do anything, getting a basic tool kit that contains a drill, screwdrivers, a wrench, and a hammer is essential, with these tools we will be able to give our first steps in the world of DIY, and we will be ready to start doing simple tasks.

Acquire The Right Material

We have to keep in mind that not because we have more material from the account, we are going to work more; it is a novice mistake to get a lot of material that we do not use later, in the end, we will be piling up wooden boards with which we will never do anything. The best thing is to plan and think about the material that we will need, in this way, we will be able to buy only the material that we need and we will feel that we have done a good job to have finished with all the stock of a product that we have bought.

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Start With Simple Tasks

The idea is to start with simple tasks, for example, the DIY tasks that must be done on the terrace are the simplest, such as start by building with wood a pot for our plants or to build a small area of ​​cultivation. If we have a terrace or a large garden we can do lots of DIY tasks that will be very satisfying and for which we will not need a great level of refinement since they will be elements for the garden or for the terrace where we will not have to put Much detail, when we progress with our accuracy we can start doing more complex tasks in the house.…

How To Create A Shoe Rack With A Box Of Fruits

1. Take The Measurements Of The Box To Make The Separators

The structure of this shoemaker is very simple. From a box of fruits that you have at home, you just have to create some wooden dividers to make the different spaces in which to put your shoes. Very easy!

Start by measuring the box to create the separators. In total, you have to make three separators, one larger than the width of the box and two smaller ones with the length measurement, which will be fitted perpendicular to the first one. Thus, you will create six independent spaces for shoes. Move these measurements to a piece of plywood, marking them with the help of a pencil.

2. Create The Cobbler’s Separators

Once you have the pieces marked, it is time to cut the plywood. How? With the jigsaw and helping you if you need a sergeant to fix the pieces and not move. Follow the lines you have marked before and created the three separators.

When you have finished cutting them, make the slots to fit the spacers together. Divide the long separator into 3, creating two equidistant marks: it will be where the other two pieces fit. From that mark and with the help of a pencil, draw two grooves that must have a width equal to the thickness of the wood of the other two spacers and a length that reaches half the spacer. When you have it, also mark a slot in the middle of the two small separators, with the same guidelines: they must have a width equal to the thickness of the wood and a height that reaches half the height of the piece.

When you have the grooves marked, cut with a jigsaw and sandpaper well to remove any imperfection that spoils the finish.

3. Decorate With Wax

It is time to decorate this shoe rack with a box of fruits. We have chosen to give it a rustic look, so we have used a specific wax for that purpose. If you like it, point the idea! Remember also that if your box is already painted, you will first have to remove the paint before applying the wax; Without doing this step, the result will not be the same as the one you see in images.

Start decorating To do this, place the box on a protective paint paper over the area where you are going to work. Apply the wax using the microfiber cloth. Do it conscientiously, making sure to fill with wax all the nooks and crannies of the box.

With the plywood separators, carry out the same process: apply wax until the wood is well covered. Once you finish, let everything dry.

4. Brighten With Steel Wool

Now comes the time to use steel wool, which serves to polish the pieces and get a finish like a varnish. Pass it carefully through the wood and without doing much pressure, this way you will avoid damaging the material.

5. Fit The Shoemaker’s Pieces

Do you have everything ready? Well, you can now join all the pieces. First, place the longest separator in the center of the wooden fruit box. Next, fit the other two pieces into the slots you created. It only remains that you check that everything is well fitted so that they do not go off when you pick up the shoes.

Ready! What do you think about this idea to create a shoe rack with a box of fruit? Leave us a comment telling us if you would! And if you like doing things with wooden boxes, we have a selection with 16 very original decorated wooden boxes.