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Microbiology and Surgery

Now that we are becoming more and more aware of the internal body and its operations, such is the case that we understand more and more about where we can fix problems that cause us pain, disease and even death internally. However, with the invasions of surgery and its processes, such is also the case that many small problems are created in liaison with the healing process itself from surgical invasion. Microbiology however, allows for the usage of small, almost non invasive surgeries within the body. Nanotechnology and microbiology are working together in order to provide new means and manners of developing non invasive biological surgery for humans and their animal friends.

Take for example heart surgery, which use to require the opening of the rib cage, and a full frontal appearance of the heart to a maximally exposed 'reality'. Within this constructional necessity, it is then unopportunely apparent that the heart can then run into as many problems as is humanly possible (under said conditions). Even despite our maximum efforts to maintain a 'functional' resolution to the problem, such is the case that many people have died from open heart surgery. A new, minimally invasive process involves a small incision beneath the rib cage, whereby a small ball like device can be inserted into the heart through a tube inside the boady. This ball then in turn blocks a hole in the heart and new heart tissue grows around it, protecting the heart from the problems it was previously exposed to.
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