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Finding Vaccinations for Viruses and Viral Infections

Vaccinating Against Cancer

The problem with cancers today, is that they do not enlist the body's own immune system as help in a positive fight against the deadly disease. Generally, what vaccines are capable of doing is increasing or 'up-building' the body's own natural immunity to a disease by providing it with a small, innocuous amount of the disease which it in turn can then fight off, teaching itself how to effectively combat that particular disease (in most cases, viruses). As it has been recently discovered that in some cases, cancer development in the human body is related to viral infection, it can now be safely determined that some cancers are in fact preventable by means of an immune vaccination.
The most common example, and first discovered, was the elimnation of cervical cancer by means of preventing infection of the human pappilomavirus (HPV). This particular virus, known to cause genital warts, is now also linked to cervical cancer as well as some lesser, more uncommon cancers as well. Basically put, a vaccine against this particular virus is now thought to be able to prevent cancer in the famale cervix, provided the body is vaccinated counter the HPV at a fairly young age.
Seen below is a picture of the HPV vaccine (GARDASIL) preventing Cervical and many lesser well known cancers.
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