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Purpose of Microbiology


Purpose of Microbiology
Well, for starters, it seems only obvious that microbiology, being a study of living organisms, and us (humans) being a fitting example of living organisms, that we study that of which we are composed. Microbiology is a vast and varied study that deals with any 'tiny' component of the vast and uncompromising life structure of which we are created.
A particular focus of modern microbiology is immunology, the study of the immune system. In human beings, this system is responsible for the 'protection' of the body. It's structure allows for the physical human to deal with a vast array of difficulties biologically. Study of this component of our bodies allows for various improvements in its capacity. For instance, vitamin efficiency is a component of microbiology and immunology as it represents the efficacy of using things like vitamin supplements on the human body.
Above we can see a familial tree of a various assortment of microbiological inquiry. Study of the type of organisms listed above represents a vast leap in the process of understanding about life, as it show that we can finally see 'under' the skin into the 'true' underlyings of the body itself. Various advances in the field of technology have allowed for the advanced study of both near and far distances, giving us an incredible acceleration in the study of the universe, and its tiniest internal components. Included in this advance is, of course, the wonderful field of microbiology. Microscopes especially have allowed us to examine the inner structure of the very cellular element of life itself.
Microbiology assists us with many life altering developments such as an improved awareness of self care which includes an understanding of how to use medications to improve life, how to properly nourish our bodies and how to reduce stress and anxiety in our lives. Many pursuits in microbiology have led to an increased understanding of diseases, germs, cellular development, growth, dying and all the other elements of life previously thought a mystery to our population.
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